The Bayview Village Association (BVA) is a non-profit community organization for residents of Bayview Village. Established in 1956, the BVA works towards enhancing the quality of life for the residents by building community, pride, city and community awareness and by addressing issues of concern to the neighbourhood.

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April 26 - BVA Annual Clean-up, we will clean the ravine north and south of Forest Grove Drive between Burbank and Page, further details TBA


Notice on Hazardous Downspouts Disconnects
from your Environment Committee

You recently had one or more downspouts disconnected possibly resulting in water now draining down the driveway. In the winter, melt water goes down the pipe and freezes on paved surfaces creating a severe slipping hazard for you and pedestrians using your sidewalks and driveway. The purpose of the mandatory disconnect program is to redirect water from the roof onto your lawn or garden where it soaks into the ground instead of flowing down the drains which go to the storm sewers. Roof water is one of the main sources of storm water sewer overloading which results in sewer backups, erosion and pollution of rivers and streams. The water flowing down your driveway also goes to the street and then into the storm sewers so is not meeting the city guidelines. City approved contractors who disconnect downspouts know this. If directing your disconnect to your lawn creates a tripping hazard or other problem, the city can help you. Call 311 or go to this special website.

Ice Storm

From Councillor Shiner's Community Update ...the City Manager and Toronto Hydro made very informative presentations regarding their efforts and communications during the ice storm... 
The City Manager's presentation:
Toronto Hydro's presentation:

See photos of how the Ice Storm affected Bayview Village at Recent Events

Also, in Links section: info on portable generators, and a relevant article.

Recent MAGA Report
Zoning By-law Amendment Application - 784 Sheppard Avenue East

There is a proposal to rezone the lands at 784 Sheppard Avenue East to permit the development of a two-storey retail building and a fifty unit stacked townhouse development of four-storeys in height with three levels of residential space, and one level with access to roof-top amenity space. The existing one-storey retail building would be demolished. See more detail.

Ron Choi reports on City's Presentation on Basement Flooding

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