Bayview Village includes the area bounded by Bayview Ave., Sheppard Ave., Finch Ave. and the East Don River. See Map.

The Bayview Village Association (BVA) is a non-profit community organization for residents of Bayview Village. Established in 1956, the BVA works towards enhancing the quality of life for the residents by building community, pride, city and community awareness and by addressing issues of concern to the neighbourhood.

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In the News

BVA Annual General Meeting

The Bayview Village Association's Annual General Meeting and Social took place at Bayview Middle School on Wednesday June 5, at 7:00pm.

The following Executive Committee Officers were elected (all by acclamation):

  • President: Harold Rosenfeld
  • Past President: vacant
  • Vice-President: Jane Robertson
  • Treasurer: Geri James
  • Secretary: David McGhee
  • Member at Large: Sue Wires

View the new Committee Chairs.

Read Harold's President's Report.

The BVA Executive approved amendments to the BVA By-laws, these were confirmed by membership vote. Read revised bylaws.

Stone Cutting on Residential Property

Concrete and building stone is mostly silicon dioxide or silica for short. When the material is cut with a saw it produces a very fine dust that can end up in your lungs. Inhaling crystalline silica can lead to serious, sometimes fatal illnesses including silicosis, lung cancer, tuberculosis (in those with silicosis), and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Bylaw #1088, which came into effect Sept 30, 2018 states that:

No person shall cause or permit dust that occurs as a result of residential construction activities to escape a residential property onto another premises. Every person who contravenes any provision of this chapter, or a notice of violation or direction or order issued in accordance with this chapter, is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $100,000

To prevent dust emissions contractor must include one or a combination of the following dust control measures to the satisfaction of directorate (1) wetting the construction material; (2) using a wet saw; (3) using dustless saw technology; (4) tarping or otherwise containing the source of dust; (5) installing wind fencing or a fence filter; (6) using a vacuum attachment when cutting.

If you see a violation on a residential site report it immediately by calling 311 TORONTO

BVA Member Survey - Results are In!

See the results of the BVA member survey (and comments) here.

Rally in the Ravine
Run or Walk for North York General

There's no better time to register for Rally in the Ravine ... Sign up before June 28 and for a chance to WIN A PAIR OF TORONTO RAPTORS TICKETS for a 2019/2020 regular season game! Two winners will each receive a pair. Draw to take place and winners to be announced on Friday, July 5.

Start fundraising for North York General by registering today Then, on Saturday, September 28, join hundreds of supporters to celebrate our hospital and show your Rally spirit! There’s something for everyone at Rally in the Ravine, including a 5K Run/Walk, Garden Walk and Kids’ Mini Rally. Plus, enjoy fun activities, great food, live entertainment, giveaways and more. Together, we can improve care and save lives, right in your own backyard.

Gypsy Moth Aerial Spray Update (from City of Toronto)

Friday May 17: We've been receiving a number of calls from residents concerned about the lack of notification regarding the aerial spray that they believe had commenced this past Wednesday.

This notification is to confirm that no aerial spraying operations have occurred to date. We believe people are confused about the recent signage that has been posted as per the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks requirements around the areas that are scheduled to undergo treatment. These signs indicate the Aerial Spray Window for Gypsy Moth is from May 16- June 15.

The two aerial spraying applications per spray block are set to occur over a 4 day period within this window of May 16 to June 15. Aerial spraying on these 4 days will only occur from 5:30 - 7:30 A.M.. As stated on the website, the spray is dependent upon caterpillar development, leaf development as well as weather conditions. Urban Forestry staff have been monitoring these conditions closely. The first sprays are likely to occur sometime during the week of May 26th.

Notifications will be sent out 48 hours in advance of when an actual spray date(s) has been confirmed. Once again, no such dates have been confirmed at this time. We understand that many of you are anxious about knowing when these dates for the treatment are but we are unable to provide that information at this time. We recommend continuing to consult the website on a frequent basis for updated information as it becomes available and stay tuned to your email accounts as we will be sending out emails via this email service when dates have been confirmed. 3-1-1 call representatives are also available to provide this information as well.

Starting next week as we approach the forecasted spray dates, we will be sending out more frequent emails through this service. We will be posting updates to the online interactive map in order to better illustrate which locations will be treated on which day of the spray.

Leaf Blowers

Listen to BVA Environment Committee Chair Monty McDonald give an interview on CBC Radio about the dangers of leaf blowers. Also, here is an article from CTV news on other ways to fight climate change

Newtonbrook Ravine Issues


Part of the BVA executive, environment, neighbourhood watch committee went for an inspection of Newtonbrook Ravine. We were able to show and talk about our concerns regarding the erosion in several areas and the bridge that is closed. Councillor Carroll also brought along Mr. Cristian Lukaszyk the Senior Project coordinator for the repair of the bridge and the access (erosion) to it. All of them have heard us and promise to keep us informed and up to date with progress reports. See Recent Events page for more photos. (Photos by Gary James)

Elkhorn Elementary School Fund Raiser

Well, the Elkhorn Elementary School is almost there! 😊 They need just $7,500 of donations to help procure and then build their new Playscape. The total cost will be roughly $75,000 with the TDSB equally splitting the cost with the parents and generous friends of Elkhorn. The TDSB is looking to start construction in or around June 2019. They will only begin construction once they’ve obtained our share of the funding. Below is the information for residents who would like to make a donation for this:

  1. Make a pledge using a cheque payable to the Toronto District School Board (at the bottom of the cheque put Elkhorn Playscape) ;
  2. Place in an envelope and submit to the Elkhorn School Office;
  3. Provide your details to the office so we can provide you with a tax receipt.

The pledges can be in the following amounts:

  1. Any amount __________
  2. Bronze - $100 donation
  3. Silver - $500 donation
  4. Gold - $1000
  5. Platinum – Over $1000

If you donate $100 or more, there will be a permanent plaque on the Playscape sitting bench with your or family's name on it for all to see. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either Dr. Melody Nguyen or Mark Bui who is in charge of the PlayScape donations.

Basement Flooding

Here is an interesting article on prevention of basement flooding.

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