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BVA Canada 150 Celebration, June 2017





A Tree For Me / Perennial Swap, May 2017

This event took place Saturday May 27 at Forest Grove Church. The weather co-operated and many Bayview Villagers showed up to claim their new trees or trade their perennial plants.




Bayview Village Spring Clean-up of our Parks, Ravines and Boulevards Saturday April 22, 2017

Here's BVA Environmental Chair Monty McDonald's report:

The day was sunny and bright so litter could be seen in all its splendour, it was dry so no slipping in the mud and as the morning coolness wore off, every volunteer had opportunity to warm up with Starbucks Coffee and Hot Chocolate ...thanks to generous support from Carlos Basa, manager of the Starbucks branch at Cdn Tire.

  • A number of adult couples showed up and worked diligently clearing the creek bed and south slopes of the Forest Grove ravine
  • Two young families showed and spent several hours on the North side of the ravine and on the worst area on the edge of the village: Finch Ave East of Page
  • We were able to nab four passers-by who were on morning walks, bribed them with coffee and they took on some of the walking trails
  • Bayview village executive were well represented, taking on some of the high litter areas : Maureen and Brian Rumball , Sue Wires and friend , David and  Verda McGee, Jane and Hart Robinson, and new member of environment committee Sabrina Lau . Their assignments were spread around the village and included attacks on the ravine behind the church, the creek side Forest Grove Ravine, the Clarinda park "dumping ground", Ambrose and Maureen Parkettes  and Bayview Village Park and deadly Sheppard Ave North side.
  • Disappointing: this year not a single teenager showed up!! Last year there were many and they received credit for volunteer service hours
  • There were not enough volunteers to cover around Bayview Village shopping centre, the tennis courts and Elkhorn school area  (these locations were the last I assigned because they are reasonably litter free)...I am sure volunteers and the school do it as a routine.

There was good time visiting over coffee and hot chocolate after the work which wrapped up around 1:30pm. Let's see more young people next year!!

Bayview Village 60th Anniversary Gala, Nov. 2016

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Gala4 Gala5



Mayor Tory visit Oct 19, 2016