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How To Keep Busy?
Maintaining Mental health (see pdf document attached) WbE7czg7QG8E0z0E.jpg
Go for a Walk - we have a great ravine system. Walk through our parks (playscape are closed - the parks are open).
Appreciate beauty when you are out for a walk.
Be sure to practice social distancing.
Take up a hobby
If you have a Toronto Public Library card - download books, DVDs and music content. 

Going for a walk in the ravine: beware of Giant Hogweed - it is growing wild in our ravines. Keep your distance - do not touch. Watch this video to learn more

Available by telephone:

If you have access to the internet.

Take advantage of online Toronto Region Conservation Area workshops 
Everything from landscaping for birds, the magic of rain barrels, growing and preserving herbs. Most are FREE.

Munk Institute Debates (University of Toronto)
watch past debates online. Set of fascinating debates with such acclaimed thinkers as Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Fry, and Tony Blair.

Harvard University FREE online courses
General interest courses. Learn everything from computer coding, to ancient religions, to the history of Beethovens 9th Symphony, to the fundamentals of neuroscience. 

Maintaining Mental health (see pdf document attached)  
Walk outside. Use our great ravine system. Practice social distancing.

Keep your mind active - FREE JigSaw puzzles online
Free JigSaw puzzles online. You can even select how many pieces.

25+ Fitness Studios and Gyms Offering Live-Stream Workouts

Mind Games: Puzzles/Word Search/Crosswords/Online Jigsaw Puzzles

National Institute on Aging:
15 minutes workout, a 20 minute workout, and a 60 minute workout for older adults. 

YMCA's online fitness classes everyday, for the whole family:

Things to do in Toronto while social distancing

Virtual Museum Tours

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre: 6 online plays - with supporting resources

Metropolitan Opera

National Theatre in London is broadcasting a play every Thursday on its YouTube channel.

Choir Choir Choir

Museum Art Collections:


Social Distancing Festival

British Museum - visual timeline of the world
Russia's Hermitage Museum Video Tour
Melbourne Zoo Live Streaming