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Shred Your Worries on September 26

What peace of mind actually looks like

What: BVA Shredding Event
When: Saturday September 26, 2020 from 9 am - noon
Where: 15 Morewood Cresent
Cost: $5 per box for BVA members/$10 per box for non-members
(box size approx. 25x38x30cm); no need to remove paperclips or staples; the shredder can even destroy your confidential CDs)

Shredding your confidential documents helps you prevent identity theft, save office space, and makes paper and other office items easier to recycle. (As an added bonus, it’s also incredibly satisfying to watch and even hear that paper go through the machine.) The BVA uses a bonded company with a shredder so powerful they can even tackle the box that you bring your documents in.

Everyone is welcome. No need to be a BVA member (although we want you to join!) or live in Bayview Village. And hey! Save $5/box by joining the BVA now, either by mail-inonline, or even at the shredding event. Join now and your membership is valid to the end of 2021.