qqllKTR6hj5lTcn9.gif              2023 BVA Membership - $25/year               
  New members can join online or by mailing this form          
  Existing members can renew here.
Membership is effective immediately until Dec 31st 2023
Comments and feedback are always welcome via email [email protected]

Are You Taking Part in the BVA CONNECTION CONTEST?
Join our BVA CONNECTION CONTEST – and help introduce your neighbours to BVA.

ALL current BVA members are eligible to win – all you have to do is:
STEP 1: Invite new members (friends, neighbours) to join BVA. Anyone is eligible to be a member who live within Bayview Village boundaries (the area south of Finch and north of Sheppard, east of Bayview and west of the ravine - see MAP).
STEP 2: Notify our BVA Membership Committee) at [email protected] and let them know you have introduced BVA to a neighbour, not currently a BVA member (when you email us remember to include your name along with the name, address and contact info of the person you have introduced to BVA).

o Points are awarded for each of the above and scored as follows:
    5 points when you notify Membership Committee
    Additional 10 points if your neighbour joins BVA.
o Our BVA Membership Committee will tally the result and winners will be announced Sept 30, 2022.
o Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 members receiving poins:
1st prize is $100 Bayview Village Gift Card, 2nd prize is $75and 3rd is $50

QUESTIONS??: contact our BVA Membership Chair Elaine Wong at [email protected]

Another Successful Community Clean-Up in Bayview Village!


Thank You to All the Volunteers who stepped forward and participated in the BVA community clean-up part of the Clean Toronto Together weekend from Friday April 22 to Sunday April 24.

Most of the work was done on Saturday April 23 beginning at 9AM. Volunteers met at the Forest Grove Ravine entrance enjoyed coffee compliments of Starbucks 1015 Sheppard Branch at Canadian Tire. We provided pickup bags, hook retrieval rods and assigned maps for 24 litter prone pick-up areas in the ravines, parks, parkettes and other public spaces and boulevards. All but one of the areas were cleaned up so thank you all who helped make our community more livable. Take a walk through your favorite ravine. Not a spec of litter remains.

The one area that was not done Finch Avenue East of Page Avenue. It has a lot of trash dumped there and requires volunteers who can walk rough terrain and do some heavy lifting. Anyone who feels they can be part of a small team to do that space sometime in the coming week call Monty at 416-221-2569.