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BVA - A Short History

The area we now call Bayview Village has a long history. Due to its proximity to the Don River much of its early development was based on our relationship to the river. The human cultural heritage of the Don extends back more than 13,000 years to when First Nations groups moved into the watershed following the recession of the glaciers. Over the intervening years, the Don River has seen successive waves of history: Aboriginal hunters and farmers were followed by explorers, traders, missionaries, soldiers and surveyors, then farmers, mills, and manufacturing. These rural enterprises helped to supply goods and services to the growing city of York (Toronto) to the south.

The community of Bayview Village was built on farmland. This map of North York from 1878 shows the names of the owners. Many of the names here remain as familiar North York streets.

In the early 1950's most of the farmland was bought to be developed as a community of single detached homes. Originally, the area from Finch Avenue to Sheppard Avenue consisted of three separate areas: Bayview Gardens, Bayview Village and Bayview Estates. All three agreed to join together to form the Bayview Village Association (BVA). The Bayview Village Association was formed in 1956 by the residents. 

The objectives of the BVA are:

  • To promote the welfare of the Residents of the Bayview Village area in the City of Toronto, and
  • To promote cultural/social functions for the Residents, and
  • To deal generally with the interests of the Residents.



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