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Being a member allows you to voice your concerns over safety, security, development, traffic and any other issues that affect us all. It is also a way to connect with your neighbours. We need your membership in order to continue bringing to you neighbourhood group events, newsletters and communications through emails.

By joining the Bayview Village Association, you are supporting an organization that has provided numerous benefits to the community:

  • Organizing community events/activities such as the Family Skating Party and Kids' Halloween Party that bring neighbours together.
  • Monitoring new land developments (such as those along Bayview Village Mall Expansion) in and around the Village, and promoting changes beneficial to our neighbourhood.
  • Representing the Village’s interests to your elected representatives and various Government Agencies regarding issues that affect the Village such as:
    • Zoning-By-Laws · Provincial Policies · Toronto’s Official Plan · Land Redevelopments
    • Traffic · Parking · Infrastructure · Crime & Safety · Trees & Parks · The Environment · Schools
  • Organizing Neighbourhood Watch, which looks out for safety and crime prevention in the village.
  • Supporting beautification of the Village by purchasing planters, lobbying for trees and shrubs and organizing the Annual Spring Clean Up day in April.
  • Keeping residents informed of ongoing community news and issues, via monthly Newsletters and this website.
  • Hosting All-Candidates Meetings prior to Municipal, Provincial or Federal elections
  • Holding an Annual General Meeting to allow residents to meet the BVA executive

Current Members - Remove name from Website Membership directory

If you wish for your name and contact information not to show up in the Membership directory, do the following:

1. Log into the Website

2. At the top right corner of the page - left click on your name

3. Choose Account Settings

4. A new page will appear - Click on the Privacy Tab

5. Click the check box that says 'Hide My account Completely from the directory'

6. Click on the Blue Save Button

Residents - We Need You!

The success of your Bayview Village Association depends on YOU! From fighting over zealous developers to our many great community activities, these only happen because people in our community care, and show they care, through volunteering to help in many different ways, from helping on a specific activity to filling an ongoing role...all forms of volunteering are needed and appreciated.

Here are some of the activities you can help – all we need is you to help for a few hours.

  • Membership Annual Campaign - We have a good system, but we need volunteers to help assemble the material for home delivery, and deliver to some streets.
  • Membership Directory – We need someone to help with Proof reading, database work, etc.
  • Special Activities There are many activities where we could use an extra set of hands and some new ideas From our BVA Annual Skating Event and BVA Socials, to planning/helping at a Speaker Series, or help with our Annual Shredding Event and being involved with events for our 60th Anniversary – we need you.
  • Environment Do you appreciate the beautiful planters around Bayview Village? Can you spare some time to design and plant seasonal flowers and greens? Or can you help our Environment Committee with our really successful student green lawn care program.

Do you have other interests, where you would like to help? With your help, we can continue to have a vibrant and active community.

If you assume that your neighbour will do it, then no one will do it!

We'll work to match your interests and energies with our communities' needs. In anticipation of your calls to volunteer your help, thank you. Every bit of help is needed and appreciated.

Please contact Jean Probyn – Jean is volunteering to help be our ‘BVA Help Matchmaker’ - she’ll work with you to match your offers of help, to our varied community needs! You can reach Jean at 416-222-4033 or email her at [email protected]