About your BVA

Bayview Village is located in Toronto, Ontario (in what was formerly the City of North York). The boundaries of the Village are Sheppard Avenue on the south, Finch avenue on the north, Bayview Avenue on the west and the East Don River on the east (Refer to the location table for the boundires). 

Membership in the Bayview Village Association is open to all residents of the Village. Every resident who joins the Association adds to its strength and its capability to look after the interests of Bayview Village. The BVA By-laws have been revised to include a new membership class, "Friends of the Association", which will include persons living outside the boundaries of Bayview Village but with 'common bonds' (such as having lived in Bayview Village previously) to the Association. Such members will pay dues but not have BVA voting rights. They will however enjoy all other rights and privileges of membership.

The executives of the association are residents who volunteer their time and efforts toward this cause. Any resident is welcome to join the executive.