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Tree Giveaway - 2024

We could all use another tree in our yard, and the Bayview Village Association, along with The City of Toronto, is here to help. We are thrilled to announce our 8th Tree Giveaway Program on June 1st 2024. In 2021 we gave away 900 trees. That’s the most trees given away by any community association since the program began. Our goal is trimmed down to 550 trees this year so we can provide some fun and informative activities such as our tree planting workshops, perennial swap, fauna & flora themed face painting, and more. We hope you will register and help us reach our goal. Join us for a fun environment themed event. The Neighborhood Tree Giveaway Program supports the City of Toronto’s goal of reaching a 40% tree canopy cover by 2050.

This year’s event is on Saturday June 1st, 2024, from 10 am-12:30 pm in Bayview Village; exact location to be determined soon. The Neighborhood Tree Giveaway Program offers residents a free native tree that is best suited for their planting space and provides reference materials as well as a workshop on proper planting and care. If you live anywhere in Toronto you can register for up to 3 free trees or shrubs. Registration is mandatory and closes Friday May 17th at 11:00 am. You must be a resident of Toronto (id will be checked). Multiple registrations from the same address and/or more than 3 trees total will be cancelled.

A few facts about your free tree:
• The City of Toronto and Connon Nurseries provide all trees, which are native to Toronto’s seed zone and suited for our urban environment.
• Trees come in 1-2 gallon buckets and are small enough to carry on the TTC or sit in the back of a car.
• Residents will be limited to three trees (total) per address.
• Orders of more than 3 trees (total) per address and/or addresses outside of Toronto will be cancelled.
• Species of the trees/shrubs are subject to availability and may change due to supply chain shortages. We will keep you updated.
• We are offering many new species this year. So, if you received our trees or shrubs in the past this year you will find many new exciting varieties to add to your lawn and gardens.

Here is a list of the trees & shrubs available for Spring 2024:
• Large Trees: Bur Oak, Basswood
• Medium Trees: Paper Birch, Eastern White Pine, Red Maple
• Shrubs: Fragrant Sumac, Alternative Leaf Dogwood, Serviceberry, American Hazelnut, Nannyberry

For more information on the species of trees available this year click on the following links:

Any questions about the program? Contact Sharon Johnson, BVA Environment Committee at [email protected].

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