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 Canada   Canada Emergency Support  Han Dong, Member of Parliament
  Public Health Ontario
 Vincent Ke, Member of Prov. Parliament
Toronto   Toronto Public Health  Shelley Carroll, Councillor
CPAC: online broadcast of Govt. news from Canada + provinces

gWmeyCBLBXlGeZuO.pngEach level of government has made many changes to services and benefits available.
These changes are everything from financial aid to extension of tax due dates.  Reach out to your local government representative if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. Governments continue to make changes - stay current.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT for individuals, businesses and various sectors. These financial supports have been crucial to enable Canadians and our economy to continue.   Includes supports for Canadians abroad.

Canada: Quarantine Act now in effect. Violation can result in fines up to $750,000
Example: requires any person entering Canada by air, sea or land to self-isolate for 14 days whether or not they have symptoms of COVID-19.

City of Toronto Update:
9uIuZYmw7JOV3a6U.pngNEWS: Toronto Taxes, Utility Payments:

Revised due dates for City of Toronto property tax and utility bills - check for new dates

COMMUNITY GARDENS: Good news - after lobbying by community groups and Boards of Health, Community Gardens have re-opened. Toronto has over 70 community gardens located throughout the city.

Yard waste collection
resumes as part of ongoing collection
  • Be patient. If your yard waste is not picked up the day you put it out, just leave it out and do not call 311 to report a missed collection.
  • To ensure health and safety, only use yard waste bags, not open-top containers.
UPDATED info on all affected city of Toronto services

PARKS: for more details and updates
: Parks are open
*** with the following provisions by provincial order: Not permitted: Gatherings of more than 10 people, who are not members of the same household or members of a social circle.

*** Continue to social distance from others not in your household
  • People can walk/run/bike in parks and ravine green spaces; beaches; trails; boardwalks
  • Parks green space is available for public use for those wishing to rest or read a book
  • Tennis courts, platform tennis and pickleball courts
City park amenities have been opened but only if social distancing and staying within your social bubble is maintained: this includes
  • Playgrounds, play structures and equipment
  • Fixed barbecues
  • Outdoor exercise equipment

The province is allowing Toronto businesses to move to Stage 3
Stage 3: allows for the re-opening of additional forms of businesses if they are able to operate under public safety regulations. There are different guidelines for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR activities.
These regulations and guidelines are specific to different types of businesses, e.g., different rules for dental clinics, hair salons, clothing stores, certain restaurants, etc. 

Ontario remains under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act:
Violation of this act can result in up to a year in prison and fines of up to $100,000 for an individual. Refusing to correctly identify yourself carries a fine of $750.